Portfolio Update 8-3-22
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A big PLTR bull, I know that @theyield @arny_trezzi and @growthinvesting would be proud.
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@investmenttalk I am also a $RKLB bull, followed you astronaut. Double Proud!!!

You have figured it out, astronaut, best of luck!
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@growthinvesting thank you! Love your page
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Solaredge had a rough day, but I'm bullish long term. $SEDG

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@andybuchanan yeah! I love how they have vertically integrated products; they are a smart energy company with ev chargers, geneartors, water heater/metering(energy on app), smart meters for your house, software, smart home is what they becoming with the so many products they have; i think people just believe $SEDG is a just a semiconductor. I plan to increase my position by a lot through the next few months! i love me enphase but its too high to start a position in my opinion, but yeah ill add that too soon. love me sedg and enphase
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I am some ~40% PLTR too! :D
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@arny_trezzi yeah! Follow you on twitter and youtube too, great stuff 😁