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Public scrutiny + market open meetings
Once again, I had the privilege of a Zoom meeting with @nathanworden yesterday. He was very accommodating in joining at 6:30am and I fear that I waffled on perhaps a little too much :D

Aside from the brief catch-up, I'm not sure what value Nathan may have got from it, but it did create a little spark for me.

I've made a number of posts in the past about how day trading can be incredibly lonely, and I found it incredibly helpful to have someone to talk to while the markets opened.
It also made hyper-aware of my rules and strategy. With somebody watching me trade and execute my methodology, I felt more strict and bound by my rules than ever before - I didn't want to be reckless and embarrass myself, nor did I want to give Nathan a false perception of how I trade. It made me feel a great deal more accountable.

I can leverage both of these pieces to become an even better trader.

Firstly, if I make all of my day-trades public and open to scrutiny, with the risk of not just monetary loss but also ridicule (I'm very prideful), I expect that this will make me adhere to my rules much more strictly. My next post will be today's trade so please feel free to ask away for any explanations.
Secondly, if anyone else here day trades, or is interested in seeing the process and how I work, please let me know. It would be lovely to get on a Teams or Zoom call with someone in the build-up to market open.

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