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It’s my Birthday!!!!
23 never looked so good on me. It’s not the years that count, it’s the memories you make over those years. This last year is filled with so many experiences including finishing my first year of law school and traveling to Hawaii. I also continued my job from last summer as an intern doing compliance in the financial services industry. Great 22nd time around the sun, on to my 23rd. $LETSMAKEMONEY

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Happy birthday! Best of luck to you in the markets and your job this year 🥳
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@hedgevision thank you so much really appreciate that. So far so good
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Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday, man! image

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@from100kto1m thank you so much!!
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Let’s make money! Happy birthday!
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@fatbaby Love you Fat Baby. Brothers for life
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Happy Birthday! I hope this year is the best one yet!
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@investorinsight thank you!
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Happy Bday Christian!
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@investmenttalk thanks Conor your the man
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Happy birthday and congrats on finishing your first year of law school!
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@nathanworden thank you they say the first year is the toughest let’s hope that’s true lol but I got through it, 1 down, 2 more to go
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Happy bday! 🎉
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@toasty_trading thank you!
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Fyi, if you turned 23 that was your 23rd trip around the sun and this is your 24th. You turned 1 after living for 1 year. Enjoy.
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@thebeach ahh true you got me on a technicality lol. I’m not perfect too late to change the post lol
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@christian7621 haha I'm not perfect either (as my portfolio clearly demonstrates) and not out to get you! just wanted to set the record straight 😁 happy birthday
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@thebeach na lol I know. All love here all the time. Thanks for the birthday wishes
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Happy Birthday!
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@alex18 thank you!
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Happy birthday!
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@mavix thank you!
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Happy birthday!!
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@strib thank you
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Happy Birthday Christian! Hope you have an amazing day 🎉🥳
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Have a great birthday--here's to many more! 🎂