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Bing Bong the Search is Gone
Data shows that $GOOG added market share in search across all mediums in Feb, while Bing's $MSFT declined.

• Desktop
Google: 85.64%
Bing: 8.19%

• Mobile
Google: 96.71%
Bing: 0.46%

• Tablet
Google: 92.24%
Bing: 4.57%

• All Devices
Google: 93.37%
Bing: 2.81%

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It’ll be interesting to see how this progresses given Bing AI literally just started days ago.
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@mapsignals yea feb data isn’t great because the roll out was limitef
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It’s my understanding that Bing AI is still on limited release. Maybe that’ll impact usage once it goes public.
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@averageinvestor would image. Bing no longer in top 100 apps though, Google is 4th.
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@investmenttalk from an AI standpoint Bing out performs ChatGPT throughly judging by the work of Ethan Mollick on the blue bird. From what he’s demoed I would only be using Bing’s if I had access. Let the AI wars begin!!
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breaking down network effects is always hard, let alone trying that for multi-trillion $ monopolies
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@growthinvesting Indeed, still plenty of time for the war the rage on too. Early days.
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Interesting to see how valuable to $AAPL Safari search deal is right now. At this point specially on mobile don't really see a real chance of people switching to Bing from Safari...such a big hassle for us humans with our lazy gene.
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@rihardjarc Yep super lazy, everyone just sticks with default because its not broken.



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