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SPY levels/trade plan

  1. 431.19 to 433.32 (H4)
  2. 431.19 to 432.64 (H1)
  3. 431.19 to 432 (M15)

Reversal Levels:
  1. 433.18
  2. 432

  1. 435.51 to 436.88

Reversal Levels:
  1. 435.51
  2. 436.88

Market News:
  1. Nothing

Trade Plan:
If SPY comes down to your demand zone watch the levels of 433.18 and 432 for bounces. Any bounce that we get is most likely to be sold off. If 433.18 and 432 provide a bounce and you are in the trade look to sell at 435.51 and 436.88. SPY will most likely move to this area if we get a bounce because this is where the EMA’s are on the 4-hour timeframe. Another thing to take into consideration is that the EMA’s on the 1-hour timeframe are overextended meaning there is a high chance that price will come back to the EMA’s before continuing to sell. If you miss the demand setup and price rally’s do not chase the market wait until it moves into supply at 435.51 to 436.88. Before entering a trade remember to wait for reversal volume, reversal candle and reversal zone. Do not trade until after

Risk Plan:
You will not lose more than $35. You can only trade one contract until you get your consistency down. If first trade is a big winner than take a break for 20 min to reset and refocus. If the trade is a bigger loser than expected only take one trade. Set your stop loss for .30

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