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My two latest implementations to remove emotions/irrational from when I look at the stocks/investing:

  1. Moving from candlestick to bars (I would move to lines but it’s difficult to see chart, I still would like to see support and resistance… yes yes I know it’s hard to kick old habits)

  1. Moving from red and green to grey. P&L is also in grey. Keeps me from being “happy” or “sad” as there is no more emphasis on colors

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Smart move, subconscious emotional cues are all around us, we need to take more time to reducing their effect!
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@joeyhirendernath it’s little things but making a big positive impact on me
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Clever idea on grey over red and green! I'm not familiar with candlestick charts. Why do you think bar charts (or lines, I guess) are better?
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@tomato I started stock market with trading candlesticks, so I have already trained mined to look for patterns ( not a good thing ) putting bars makes me not look for trading patterns and let me (hopefully) focus only on fundamentals
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I like the idea of "going grey" to remove emotion.



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