Thank You Everyone!
Today, I passed 500 subscribers on Substack. It is incredible to think that this many people are reading my work. Thank you everyone for all the support! It means a ton to me!
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Congrats Young Money Capital! You do great work and have been relentless with providing quality content. Keep up the great work!
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@nathanworden Will do! Thank you Nathan for being one of my biggest supporters! You have helped me so much along the way!
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It's only 70 to go here to reach 500 in common stock - keep it up
[I misread at first and though it's 500 in common stock, you are so close)]
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Let's get it! Love to see it
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@investmenttalk thank you Conor and thank you for all of your support! I really appreciate it!
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Keep it up @youngmoneycapital !
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@stockopine Will do thank you!!
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Well done! This growth is definitely a testament to the quality of your work.
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@joeyhirendernath Really appreciate it! Thank you Joey!
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Very nice, @youngmoneycapital! I wonder how many of your Substack subscribers are also Commonstockers.
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@tomato same I would guess a good portion