Podcast episode: Xbox
Today we released a podcast episode on Xbox, $MSFT's gaming division

This was a fascinating company to cover. I wish it was its own publicly traded stock. There are tons of long-term tailwinds it is going after operating as a duopoly with Sony in the console market

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Cameron McFarlane's avatar
PlayStation > Xbox 😂

I’ve been stoked with my PS5
Steve Matt's avatar
@moneyshark Switch > Xbox > PlayStation

I don’t think I’ll ever own a PlayStation again.
Cameron McFarlane's avatar
@interrobangbros why so? My Switch got used to play Zelda and has sat in the top draw ever since
Steve Matt's avatar
@moneyshark Breath of the Wild is an epically replayable game. The travel component of the Switch is great for my business and conference trips. I’ve found a wealth of really good “indie” games that cost $10-$30. Smash and Mario Kart are great. And the Nintendo download that lets you play old NES games is money.
I will ride and die with Nintendo for life. I should probably own some shares of $NTDOY now that I think about it… lol
Brett Schafer's avatar
@moneyshark PS has always dominated Xbox...but so far this cycle market share has been more equal than ever. Could just be supply chain disruptions though