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July'22 - Growth Portfolio Update
Sells: None

  • Not much activity other than a couple smaller adds on price weakness. Was a bit hesitant with earning season. Still looking to deploy some cash and eyeing up $MELI, $NVDA, $NET, $CRWD.

YTD return: -34.9%
  • Constructive month in most markets, but we are right in the heart of Q2 earnings season which will bring volatility. With volatility comes opportunity.
  • Being down is not fun to look at, but when I zoom out & look 5-10 years out, I am enthused!

Other comments:
  • $PYPL has been a position that has creeped up to a #4 position due to recent adds and relative strength. My confidence in the company has grown recently.
  • I have been working on my watchlist mainly $GTLB $NU $DDOG

Always open to feedback and discussing. If you have any good readings I should be aware of, please let me know!
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I’ve also been buying $UPST. If their algorithm continues to perform, I don’t see why lenders would use legacy credit scores
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Bought a little $PYPL this year too
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@investmenttalk A cash machine. I am definitely curious to see how this activist potentially from Elliott plays out. I am a definitely a fan of Dan Schulman so hope he remains.
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@beaver_cap sentiment hanging low too, great for buyers.