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Portfolio changes - update '?'
Hey, I've been going through my portfolio once again, as I'm slowly doing the consolidation process, evaluating whether there's not too much of an overlap between my holdings. I think I reached a phase where I don't see anything too weak, but quite a lot of strong performing businesses I'm looking to add to, actually. I'm not saying I won't sell anything moving on, but even if I do it will be solely for the highest conviction add purposes/just better opportunities in the space.

  • I think it's worth mentioning I'm looking to open a position in $ZS, I think it's a tremendous company that fits nicely within my investing themes, mainly in the enterprise and CyberSec space. As I'm going more in-depth, I'll definitely be adding to $MDB which I bought recently, their optionality is just way beyond what it appears to be on the surface and I'm absolutely mind-blown by all the possibilities and diversification they have.

  • I was looking to go deeper into Life sciences/Biotech/Health, but since I'm no real expert there but still I'm very interested in the space and I believe it's the future, I'm going to play the industry through companies like $GOOGL (large investments in all sorts of biotech companies via Google Ventures), $HIMS which I consider more of a technology/commerce company within the health space (telemedicine combined with branded products, many sold as a recurring subscription sort of), and companies such as $MDB and $PLTR which literally offer their software platforms to pharma companies which utilize them for all sorts of stuff such as data & analytics, gene sequencing, ...

So far by doing all this consolidation, I went from 57 to 45 when it comes to number of holdings and expect that number to naturally fall further as those industries consolidate, there's some M&A activity going on in tough cash tight environment and as some business just don't perform as much as I had expected them to do, which will result in further forming of core names I'll be adding to and sticking to long-term.
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