Trending Assets
Top investors this month
Trending Assets
Top investors this month
SPY Levels and Trade Plan
  1. 433 to 434.88 (H1)
  2. 433 to 434.36 (M15)
  1. 439.57 to 441.50 (H1)
  2. 440.49 to 441.50 (M15)
  3. 442.46 to 444.18 (H1)
  4. 442.78 to 444.18 (M15)
Reversal Zones for demand zone one:
  1. 433.37
  2. 433.87
  3. 434.21
  4. 434.72
Reversal Zones for supply zone one:
  1. 439.81
  2. 440.51
  3. 441
  4. 441.40
Reversal Zones for supply level three:
  1. 443
  2. FIB clusters at 443.48 to 443.85(High probability reversal zone.
Market News:
  1. Nothing.
Trade Plan:
​So far futures are trending upwards of 100 points meaning that more than likely we will have a trending day to the upside. If this is the case use your FIB Trending Strategy and enter a position on the first pull back. If markets start to chop stay out of the markets. If markets hit a supply or demand level and your in position of that supply an demand level get out of the trade and wait for trend to turn and enter using your FIB Trending Strategy. There is no economic news today meaning today should be a trending day.
Risk Plan:
​Do not trade more than 1 contract. The max you can lose today is $35. If you lose $35 or more do not continue trading. Use a stop loss of .35. do not take more than two trades.

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