What are your favorite stocks right now?
What stocks or sectors of the stock market are you eyeing and why?
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Just started positions in $OZK and $RICK this week. Wanted exposure in financials and “sin stocks” in my Roth IRA.

Continuing to add to $ABBV, $CARR and $HSY as well. These have been my top rated holdings since early in 2022 and continue to build these positions.
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Im a little suspicious of this recovery lately. My port is up 8% so far this year. As such, It’s hard for me to get a read. I feel there’s still a lot of pessimism surrounding advertising so maybe some opportunity there. $GOOG looks tempting. Maybe $TTD.
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@toasty_trading I like $TTD a lot :)

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I believe that large cap growth stocks that have been derated in the last 12 months and have now become value stocks in disguise are the best bets. In particular, $AMZN with its fingers in every secular trend (cloud, e-com, digital ads, streaming) and potential margin levers this year
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I’ve been buying GRG mostly, stopped buying in September last year and it’s been trickling up nicely since. I wouldn’t buy it today, but happy to hold it through a potential recession.
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I have $LVMUY and $PPRUF on my watchlist as exposure to the luxury retail space. Recent research has suggested that this sector tends to hold up well during inflation, however I am still doing my DD on both stocks
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$DDOG - cloud observability tools
$CRWD - cybersecurity
$DOCN - cloud infrastructure

All three of these are offering critical, sticky services to their clients, are increasing sales, and are off their recent highs.
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Probably $META, $AMZN and $GOOGL one of the best risk/rewards IMO.
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ServiceNow is interesting— they simplify digital workflows for organizations across the world, improving visibility and becoming an integral part of the day-to-day experience for hundreds of thousands of workers. $NOW



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