Helena Helmersson CEO of H&M Group (In Good Company with Nicolai Tangen)
Helena Helmersson, CEO of H&M Group, the second largest fashion retailer in the world opens up about latest fashion trends in her converstion with Nicolai Tangen.

Do you know that we only wear our clothes seven times on average?

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Source: New York Post (SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty)

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As someone who is interested to learn about insights from the fashion industry, this was a fascinating podcast. I was surprised to hear that the H and M group now owns brands like Cos, Monki, and ARKET. I know they had previously been under scrutiny for their sustainability practices and for making their supply chain more ethical. That being said it's clear that their core strategy is being refocused with this in mind.
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@joeyhirendernath Thanks, Joey! Glad that you like it and found it informative.