The House of Mouse!
Between launching a streaming business and operating the most magical place on Earth, Disney $DIS has captivated society's attention for decades.

Disney reports its quarterly results this afternoon. Do you think it will beat expectations?

In April, the company reported 103.6m Disney+ subscribers. This was under the analyst forecast of 109m.

Interestingly enough, although investors have recently been focused on its streaming business a majority of Disney's profit comes from its parks. With pandemic policies subsiding, Disney parks have opened and operating profits are above pre-pandemic levels.

The combination of parks re-opening, and streaming subscriptions has allowed Disney to return to growth. As it stands, here is how Disney's valuation looks compared to other DOW components.

Analysts are currently expecting adj. earnings-per-share (EPS) of $1.19 on revenue of $20.1B. Do you think Disney has what it takes to top these estimates?
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Anecdotally, the parks are packed. Incredible pricing power there, even before the pandemic.
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@nathanworden Thank you for the first hand knowledge!
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@wiijiiapp my pleasure— while one anecdote a thesis does not make, I do think that many anecdotes aggregated can build a materially significant data set. So I tend to encourage anecdote sharing simply because as a community we can glean a lot of knowledge from one another, especially as the trend of these individual insights scales up :)
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Disney's subscriber numbers for that recent quarter were pretty amazing!