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My Stock Buys for Today
My stock buys for today, doing some more DCA while the market is down. Mostly REITs today.

  • $ARR, $WBA, $STOR, $INVH - small nibbles to bring my cost basis down a bit.
  • $AFRM - significant DCA down from the IPO price

Going to keep an eye on my trackers see what pops up throughout the day.
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$ARR has been part of my portfolio for a long time and just hasn’t recovered post COVID. Sort of stuck with this position at this point.
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Hi Stanley thanks for sharing your latest purchases.

What factors do you evaluate when choosing a REIT ?
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I honestly didn't know what I was doing when I started LOL.
However, I started out simply enough, armed with a list built from Googling terms like "top REITs to own”, things like that. Once I had a list I began researching using a variety of websites including Motley Fool, Zacks, Seeking Alpha among others.
Using those lists I started building a "consensus" of REITs that appeared across multiple lists and then started reading articles about them to narrow the list down.
In reality about half my REIT holdings are in $VNQ & $SCHH for diversification purposes.
If you looking for a more "technical" approach vs my "consensus" approach to invest in individual REITs, FFO (Funds From Operations) seems to be the prevailing preferred method.
Seeking Alpha has some great articles on FFO -
And like @averageinvestor - a lot of my REIT positions I have had for some time.