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$184.5m follower assets
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I don’t see anything in that press release indicating how Spotify intends to differentiate themselves. Sounds like a solid plan to be an “also ran”.

Why should I switch from Audible to Findaway? …that’s what I need to hear.
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@fatcatinvesting they’re hoping to find-a-way to get you to do so 😅
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@sidnistandard I use Spotify extensively for music. I sometimes you audible too but I'm going to switch in a minute to consume most of my audio in one app
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Don’t they already have enough market share with their own podcast? This seems lazy and inefficient on Spotify’s behalf. They have enough customers and a base to do whatever they need to do scale and compete. Confused on this deal.
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@jdub According to Spotify, Findaway’s technology gives the company access to the growing audiobooks market… audiobooks are not podcasts similar but not the same
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@jdub The company operates AudioEngine, a business-to-business audiobooks marketplace, and self-publishing platform Findaway Voices.
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@from100kto1m do you think that was worth the purchase?