$TTD Earnings Summary
Q1 EPS $0.21 vs est. $0.15
Revenue $315M vs est. $304.69M

Q2 2022 revenue $364M vs est. $361M

Stock down 12% after hours.

Impressive quarter from an FA perspective. TA still suggests a move down under $30 at minimum. My main target is under $20.
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I would be very interested long term at $20
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@irish I am still trying to decide if $TTD and $SHOP both go down to $20 - would I prefer one over the other or just get into both?

What are your thoughts? I’m learning towards $SHOP over $TTD given the industry currently.
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@investorinsight I think I’d take $TTD tbh if I had to pick one. I feel like it’s super consistent and the setup is there for it to be a winner for years to come especially with $NFLX going ad supported etc. Nothing against $SHOP really I’d be happy enough to own that also.