Child Care REITs
Anyone know of some child care focused REITs? $BFAM is the biggest, and $EDUT is an ETF that has some exposure. Anyone know of some other players in this arena?

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Best I can find is $UHT which has "four preschool and childcare centers" in their portfolio, per their recent 10-K.
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@interrobangbros thanks. That’s one I hadn’t come across.
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On a cursory search I came across -
Care Access Real Estate (CARE)
Arena REIT (however it is based in Australia.
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@joeyhirendernath I found Arena as well but best I can determine, it's a private REIT. Even if someone gets access to the ASX through their brokerage, they still wouldn't be able to buy into Arena.
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Yes, $STOR. While not a pure play, daycares make up a number of their tenants.