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Saw this on $TWTR. Interesting developments by $SPOT.

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Is Spotify trying to find utility in NFTs? I'm skeptical it gains tangible traction but I'm very interested to watch how it plays out. I hope I'm wrong because it'd be cool for NFTs to actually have utility.
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@interrobangbros yeah, seems like this would be using NFT as a “ticket”
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Meh. I’m still salty my space alien cartoon image that I got for $30 and over 100x’ed plummeted :/ who could have seen that coming?!
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This has potentially very cool implications for live music events in the metaverse.
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Spotify using NFTs... I'm glad somebody is trying it. If NFTs end up being useful for Spotify, that would be very interesting.
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@nathanworden I don’t think it will mount to much but worth the experiment
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@fatbaby definitely worth the experiment.
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What will allow $SPOT to see success in an in-platform currency? $SNAP tried to do it and it failed.
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@dissectmarkets my guess is it won’t be an in app currency and more of a token gated content that creators can use to further monetization



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