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$183.1m follower assets
It’s truly an honor for me to know there are 1,400 🥳 who subscribe to my substack and follow the progress.


No fancy language, no fancy stats, just me and my raw (sometimes random) thoughts on investing and life.

Thank you 🙏

P.S. Wonder if I’m crazy enough to think that maybe I can reach 2,000+ by the end of the year 🥹
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Congrats! You deserve it!
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@investor_from_nepal thank you 🙏
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Big congrats Yegor, you can get there!
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@investmenttalk thank you, Conor !
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Amazing news Yegor, keep up the great work! I am sure you'll be able to hit 2000+ by the end of the year :)
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@joeyhirendernath thank you Joey :) I hope so too but don’t raise my hopes. It’s about the journey not the destination 🙏



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