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Great content on quality investing alert!
François Rochon, founder of Giverny Capital, has achieved a 30-year 15.7% CAGR.

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His annual letters are a must read for any LT quality investor.

I compiled them all in one PDF (+350 pgs). You can download it from the link below!

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Thanks for compiling everything @invesquotes
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@slt_research You are welcome!
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Mannn thank you for this! Got really interested about him after the podcast with William Green. Such an awesome interview. A lot of his principles ring true to me also.

Here's from Value investor insight! another valuable peek into his inner workings also!
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@seafarerinvestor There's also a great Google talk on Youtube!
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@invesquotes not sure if this will still see some exposure but here’s a link to another podcast interview he did. Awesome questions from the host also.

And this one is kinda just a banter between why Rochon chose EPS for growth.

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@seafarerinvestor Thanks for the share!
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Thank you Leandro! Got some reading to do 😄😄
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Underrated investor right here
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Wow, what an undertaking, @invesquotes! Thank you for sharing. Maybe consider sharing as well on some place like Scribd? I've found compilations of investor letters and similar material on there--and on Scribd you can also easily download searchable (!!) versions of the classic investing books by Peter Lynch, Graham, Jeremy Siegel...
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@tomato I have actually never heard of Scribd!
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Thanks Leandro! Great trackrecord!