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$LEAT product review
New Review of the $LEAT MTB HydraDri 3.0 Mono. It shows that the obession on the details in the designing process is a competitive advantage.

"I’ve tested a number of one-piece waterproof suits (including the Dirtlej Dirtsuit Classic, Endura MT500 One Piece and Endura SingeTrack One Piece) and thus far, Leatt’s cheaper offering (there’s a more expensive 5.0 version, too) has proved to be the best."

"It’s the suit’s finishing touches that separate it from the others on the market."

"Though I’ve not tested the more expensive version of this suit, nor have
I ridden the Scott one-piece that’s just been released, I can say the
Leatt MTB HydraDri 3.0 Mono Suit outperforms options from Endura,
Dirtlej and Vaude."

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