Basilea Pharmaceutica ($BSLN) - Cresemba milestone payment triggered
Basilea Pharmaceutica is focused on treating infectious diseases. Its marketed products are Cresemba (an antifungal) and Zevtera (an anti-MRSA broad-spectrum antibiotic). The company plans to file for US approval for Zevtera.

Basilea has announced that it has received a sales-related milestone payment of CHF20m from its US licensing partner Astellas Pharma. This was triggered by sales figures achieved in the US in 2022 for Basilea’s flagship antifungal therapy, Cresemba. It has now received a total of CHF50m in sales-related milestone payments from Astellas Pharma. As part of the agreement, Basilea is set to receive additional potential sales-based milestone payments of up to CHF240m, as well as double-digit royalties on US net sales. We maintain our valuation at CHF921.7m (CHF77.8 per share); however, we will update our figures once Basilea’s year-end results are announced in February.

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