$UBER Q2 2022 earnings were a major surprise
First, $UBER was able to attract a record number of drivers as inflation inspires many to take on a side hustle.

Second, they became free cash flow positive.

Looking at Mobility, Uber has seen immense growth QoQ recently.

Looking at Delivery, it looks like bookings have slowed a bit and their revenues from the segment are having a harder time with growth. This is a bad sign for $DASH as they report earnings this Thursday.

As for Freight, Uber has seen tiny growth in this segment. Rather than see revenues from their "disruptive trucking" project continue to go parabolic, this division has flatlined. It's possible that demand for trucking services has stalled out as retailers are dealing with bloated inventories and lower demand for goods.

On a final note, Uber is seeing its mobility business becoming the largest revenue generator once again. During the pandemic, the company relied on its Delivery business for revenue. As the world moves on from the pandemic, the Mobility business recovered fast and its recovery has corresponded with the business returning to profitability since Mobility was Uber's profit driver during its pre-pandemic days.
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I agree that it's very surprising, especially with gas prices what they are in the cities where $UBER is probably most popular!
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The free cash flow positivity is true on a GAAP basis, but when removing the SBC which I believe was ~$470M vs their $382M in reported FCF.
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@investmenttalk from one perspective, these startups are basically making money by having employees buy their shares.