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Will we see another semiconductor bust?
I wrote the following article with my thoughts on booms and busts in the semiconductor industry.

I talk about why cycles happen, why investors might be worried right now and what might happen going forward!

Hope you enjoy it!
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I'm hearing a lot of people believe the boom happened and soon there will be an over supply. What are your thoughts on that theory?
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@greencandleit laid out in the article! Could definitely happen but I doubt it would affect all the players in the same way tbh! There’s a second part of this article coming laying out why I think ASML is protected. EDAs such as Cadence and Synopsys are insulated too!
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Very interesting. I have looked at $NVDA and $AMD in the past but ultimately believe that there is always a bit too much uncertainty in this sector
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@alex18 if you look for less uncertainty check out $CDNS and $SNPS
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@invesquotes will do! thanks
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I can't read the article due to the paywall. I do see that the US providing subsidies for the industry will exacerbate the chip downcycle and make the semiconductor companies less competitive than they are today.
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@dissectmarkets yes but that’s a tailwind for companies such as ASML 😁