Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming
With everyone focused on the NOW, I am focussed on the LATER. The parameters for my capital are to only invest in companies which:

• Have rock-solid balance sheets
• Can continuously pay & increase their dividend payments
• Have suitable capital appreciation potential
• Will still be around in decades to come.

Although I have laid more emphasis in recent months to allocate to companies that will fair well during inflationary environments (true pricing power), and those which I think are strong enough to outlast a multi-year recession, the process stays the same, stack the odds of compounding in my favour.

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so buy now profit later? good mindset!
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@sammeciar this could be the name of a news letter focused on long term dividend holds!
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@sammeciar That is the goal!
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@averageinvestor Great suggestion.
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Pretty consistent. Like it, love it!!!
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@investor_from_nepal Thanks, you are also Mr Consistency.
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This is the way to go!