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$ABNB's incredible strength
$ABNB still fascinates me. Imagine your company is almost killed amidst 2020 lockdowns. You barely raise money while you have to take care of your hosts to retain the culture and relations. You restructure successfully. And then this is the picture you leave post pandemic. Beautiful! Brian is the true goat!

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Even if Airbnb saw its culture take a huge hit with its pandemic lay-offs, it's amazing to see its cash balances surge in a snap.
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These guys started off by renting out air mattresses. And sold cereal boxes with McCain and Obama on it to raise money. I would bet on them.
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Pretty impressive.
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I'm honestly shocked
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@paulcerro well, I guess being born amidst GFC and the mindset and initial pains they had to take on first to grow has its upsides as the leadership was able to figure out how to survive and even thrive while they lost 80% of their business in 8 weeks and the public consensus was that they won't make it out alive.
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@sammeciar I mean, they just cut marketing to virtually nothing. So that alone bought them time
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Airbnb is a cash cow!
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Love the company...Excited for the future and seeing valuation grow at the hands of a great CEO. Very confident in seeing $ABNB much higher years out
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People were isolating and working from home for months on end, cancelling travel plans, and certainly were not crossing borders. But a funny thing happened. People got bored living, working and playing from home and wanted a change of scenery. Millions took to Airbnb to find a place to stay in new towns and cities that typically did not see a lot of Airbnb traffic as part of a new "work from anywhere" trend that blurs the lines between travel and living. People were also extending the length of their Airbnb stays by weeks, months or even entire seasons at a time.

Since pandemic worry has waned, and borders have opened, Airbnb has risen like a Phoenix, stronger than ever and ready to profit from the hardening permanence of new lifestyles that were formed during the pandemic.
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@matt 💯