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Tesla Exhibition in Los Angeles !
Tesla $TSLA collaborated with Petersen Automotive Museum to present the most comprehensive collection of Tesla vehicles ever curated. I was there on Saturday morning (Jan 22nd) and saw the Cybertruck for the first time up-close.
The exhibition, called Inside Tesla: Supercharging the Electric Revolution, “traces the company’s story from fledgling startup to EV juggernaut and explores the range of its products, the breadth of its manufacturing capabilities, and its irrefutable impact on the modern transportation landscape".
All the Tesla models are on display, including a massive Semi at the entrance.
Will be writing more about my visit on my blog in the coming days.
Highly recommend the Petersen museum. It has 3 floors - Tesla only takes up half of the first - which cover plenty of automotive history, from Ford Model T (an actual model, one of less than 10 still in existence today, is on display) and Batmobile to the latest EV prototypes from niche carmakers from all over the world.
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That is an awesome photo!
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Thanks! I was there early to capture this picture! Crowds steamed in soon after and the Cybertruck was surrounded. Awesome experience there.
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Did anyone happen to throw a rock at a window to see if they’re shatterproof? Asking for Elon
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@jensen they are supposed to be bullet proof too….I am glad no one threw a rock or shot at vehicle when I was there ;)
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I'm curious to see what percentage of Cybertruck reservation holders will actually buy the truck.
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@dissectmarkets It will be something to watch. They have over 1mn pre orders with $100 refundable deposit, more than any of the SE3Y models prior...
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Looking good sir!
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@investmenttalk Cheers - you too !
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Pardon if a stupid question but "most comprehensive collection of Tesla vehicles ever curated" - is there not like less than 10 models ever in the history of the company?

Also, looks fun! Hope it was good.
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@reasonableyield True. Though there are different versions of each model, Tesla line-up currently only comprises S3XY + Semi + Cybertruck + Roadster. This is the first time Tesla has done an exhibition that encapsulates its entire history since 2003
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I'd love to see this. Yesterday's great earnings and the market's reaction have me fan-girling $TSLA again.
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@tomato Assurance of gross margins remaining 20% despite ~20% price cuts was perhaps the most impressive bit from the call. Cost efficiencies from scale are immense advantages, and as is ability to upsell software (with almost no incremental margin cost)
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Did you try to throw a ball at the window? is it fine now? :)
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@rihardjarc Too busy taking pictures to test this thesis breaking feature ;)



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