$SHOP forever
Whether or not B&M stores will be around forever, the number of businesses started in the US every year is well over 1 million. This is only US. The world is their greenfield...

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I wonder how many of those businesses will shut down soon because the realities of starting a business are brutal.
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@shop is such an interesting stock. I love their long-term potential and I think manamgement is excellent (yes despite the unfortunately 10% riff). Short-term though they are severly exposed to worsening economy. In the earnings call they already expect Q3 results to be significantly worse and Q4 to be only slightly worse. Net-net I have $25ish limit order.
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On the one hand, they have shown a lot of incompetence these last years. But trimming 10% of the fat is an important move to get lean and focus on what is important.
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I am here for the long-term potential of $SHOP. Although a small allocation in my portfolio I do feel that in the next 5 years they can really expand with their suite of retail solutions.

Even though macro concerns are continuing to weigh on the stock in the short term, I feel that in the future with scale, Shopify has an opportunity to monetise value-added services.