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Next issue of Under-Followed Stocks
The next issue of https://underfollowedstocks.substack.com will be about a company with the following aspects:

  • a hidden champion with 30+ years of profitable growth
  • recession & crisis resilient
  • 90% governmental customers
  • 68% insider ownership
  • clean balance sheet
  • LTM EV/EBIT of 12.8x

If you don‘t want to miss it, sign up for my substack :)

Note: The content I share on my substack is completely free and I'm not planning to change that. But if you want to support me, you can give me a gift subscription.
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Sounds interesting. Looking forward to read it!
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Looking forward to it !
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Great to see "under followed" stocks. Hard strategy for a writer but I applaud it. Keep it up :)
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@rihardjarc Thanks! Yes i would definitely get a larger audience by writing about the well known large caps. But that‘s not really my investment style and i would probably have no fun writing about them. And as I‘m not really planning to monetize my content i will stick to my niche 😄
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@mavix Stick with what you love to do. Readers can sense that and you will feel the best. Also has the best strategy of success in the long term.



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