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Degenerate Bets
To liven things up in a boring market, here are some of my favorite poorly researched, but fun bets! I haven’t bought any of these as I try to ignore the devil on my shoulder.

  • $HOOD (terrible company, but yolo)
  • $CMPS (psychedelics are in)
  • Bucks to win championship (15 to 2 odds on best player)
  • Lamar Jackson for MVP (big odds and he just did it
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Rule # 1 don’t lose money
Rule #2 never forget rule #1
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Was looking into Robinhood last night and their balance sheet has gotten significantly stronger from last year. Obviously much more research needs to be done but that looks pretty promising on the surface!
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Adamantly against $HOOD, but I respect the degeneracy
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Degen bet $XBI options or $KWEB options. Long. Scratch the itch but don't expose yourself more than a few dollars. I don't think there is anything wrong with that sometimes. Throw that $HOOD one in the trash tho!