Been trying to close my coinbase acct since they screwed people over since the day before they were to start. Coinbase refuses to close the account for me due to I am entitled to some small one thousandth of a penny in cardano.. it too small to donate or transfer.. I am just going to vacate the account and let it be.
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deleted all bank info from the coinbase account and vacated it.
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@frankieciv608 Probably the best if you do wish to leave. Delete app and forget :)
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@investmenttalk yeh just wait for tax papers next January. It a shame to cause I really like Coinbase but can't back down now.
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Really proud of you for sticking to your guns. Unfortunate it has been such a difficult exit, but glad you saw it through
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@scorebdinvestor thanks opened an account with crypto . com now to see how it goes.. i tried to close it already just to see the reaction from customer service and there was zero argument.