We’re nearing a 1 year mark from when Russian fascist regime invaded Ukraine. Terrible day, I remember how I was totally shocked early in the morning when I found out that just 2 hours ago the thing began. From markets perspective, I remember how everything dipped a lot in pre-market and then right after the open it all turned around and started surging drastically. Most of my stocks that day went up 6+% from being down even 10% just few hours before. I’ve managed to screenshot the holdings I held at that time because I found the movement very bizarre . A lot has changed since then and I managed to completely change up my strategy and consolidated a lot. I think in the next few days I’ll use this mark as sort of an opportunity to reflect on what happened with my approach and portfolio, look back at the holdings I held at that time and see how they evolved since then. I know for many the story totally changed for the worse and they fell substantially. And so looking at that will help me moving forward for sure to avoid these mistakes.
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