First few $$$ for Humvie
HumVie is all in one auto rental marketplace. Users on the platform can rent bikes, cars and commercial trucks to travel and move their goods. It will be provide its service to Pakistan and Nepal.

I am a technical advisor and an angel investor at Humvie. We have been working our asses off for last 6 months to develop a product that our users can use. After 3 months of developing, 3 months of testing and fixing bugs, we have finally launched our product for beta users and we have even successfully generated revenue from it. For any startup it's the most happiest day when their idea is validated and yesterday was it for us.
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Exciting news, good luck for the next stages :)

What does your role as a technical advisor for Humvie entail ? Does it fall towards more of the funding side of things ? Hope you don’t mind me being curious.
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As a technical advisor - i am mostly responsible for helping out if there is technical difficulties in building the app, and connecting to the right resources.