Weekly Buys
This week I looked into $PCOR after hearing about it on The Motley Fool Money. Procore is a cloud software for use in construction management. It's a great way to connect everyone that is working on a job.

I personally use this service at my day job, it works great for us as our main office is in Fort Worth, Texas , but we are also doing work in Austin and Houston. My coworkers that have been in the business far longer than I have said they would have invested already if they knew lol, so I told them now is a great time. I decided to enter yesterday with a single share.

$BTC.X dropped by a good amount today, I put the ~$37 in cash I had on Strike into it, if it goes down more I may buy more, if it goes back up, well good deal.
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Glad you made a decision. Don’t know much about PCOR but you seemed like you did your research. Good adds
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@christian7621 appreciate you my friend!🙏
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Never heard of PCOR and missed hearing it mentioned on MFM. Just added it to my Do Some DD Watchlist. you had me at cloud!
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@interrobangbros I tried to find which episode it was but I couldn't remember! Would love to know what you think if you look further into it!🙏
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@seasnar Planning to do some DD on PCOR, $NDAQ (h/t @joryko for putting this on my radar), $NTDOY, $PEN, $ROKU, and $SYM this week so I'll holler back after.
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@seasnar PCOR seems interesting for sure. I did a dive on their financials. Trading at a P/S premium on slowing revenue growth but they certainly seem to be the leader in the "get construction gigs in the cloud" area. The acquisitions they've done seem accretive.

Excluding their IPO SBC in Q2'21, I like that R&D as a % of revenue is going up and S&M I can handle but I hate to see G&A expenses rise.

All in all, I'm interested but I'll probably wait for a few more Qs and another 10-K before I consider buying shares. One big concern I have is headcount grew at 45% in 2021 while revenue grew at just 29%. I need to see that management isn't just hiring to say they hired without it actually leading to topline growth. I also want to see a few more quarters of outstanding share count to see if management is diluting shareholders.

Definitely going to be watching this one close as I love anything SaaS and cloud related.
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@interrobangbros this is some great insight, your right it does seem off to be hiring that many new workers right now, when I think of a cloud company I don't think of it as a company that'd need a bunch of workers.

I'm glad you like it and are gonna keep an eye on it! I'll let you know if I hear any good news :)