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LVMH article & Final Hours for the BF deal
A brief overview of LVMH $MC $LVMH:

👉LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton is the leading French conglomerate specializing in luxury goods. The diverse portfolio of LVMH encompasses a range of exquisite products, including Fashion & Leather 👜, Wines & Spirits 🍷, Perfumes & Cosmetics 💄, Watches & Jewelry 💎, and Selective Retailing.

👉LVMH operates across the globe with its largest geographic regions being Asia accounting for ~30% of revenue and US accounting for ~27% of revenue for FY22.

👉Its portfolio which includes 75 prestigious ‘Houses’ or ‘Maisons’, comprises among others of brands like Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Tiffany & Co, Tag Heuer, Hennessy and Moët & Chandon.

👉LVMH’s houses are broken down into six different sectors, namely: Wines & spirits (9% of FY22 revenue), Fashion & Leather (49% of revenue), Perfumes & Cosmetics(10% of revenue), Watches & Jewelry (13% of revenue), Selective Retailing (19% of revenue) and Other Activities (0% of revenue).

👉Fashion and Leather goods segment is at the core of LVMH, as for 2022, it accounted for roughly 49% (€38.6B) of total revenues and 75% of operating profits, recording an operating margin of 41%.

👉LVMH is run by the Arnault family which owns approximately 48.2% of the Company, equating to 63.9% of the voting power. Since becoming a major shareholder in 1989, Bernard Arnault has been leading LVMH as CEO and Chairman.

👉Key Financials:
-Revenue Trailing twelve months (“TTM”) H1’23: €84.7B, 11.9% CAGR during FY13 to TTM H1’23

-Operating income TTM H1’23: €22.4B (margin of 26.4%), 14.8% CAGR during FY13 to TTM H1’23

-Valuation: LVMH trades at a TTM EV/EBITDA of 13.5x (4 Year average of 16.5x) and a TTM EV/Sales of 4.5x (4 Year average of 5.4x).

If you are interested to read more on LVMH, here is our latest write-up.

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Dissecting LVMH's Dynamic Presence in Luxury
“The luxury strategy aims at creating the highest brand value and pricing power by leveraging all intangible elements of singularity- i.e. time, heritage, country of origin, craftsmanship, man-made, small series, prestigious clients, etc.” Vincent Bastien

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