Anyone else notice today, on such a busy sports betting holiday, that Crypto dot come was all over the place. They were the primary sponsor for the first U.S. Formula 1 race in Miami, Florida. They are also now the primary sponsor for UFC; so their logo is in the octagon and on the shirt of every fighter entering the cage. They recently broke the record for $ spent on stadium naming rights when they paid $700 million to rename the Staples center in Los Angeles the Crypto dot com Center. I know marketing doesn’t make them the end all be all of crypto, but it says a lot that they have that muscle to flex, when most crypto projects are still theory, barely off the ground, barely adopted, or just a really SHITTY exchange. I’ve professed my love for this crypto just based on relative valuation of their exchange competitors’ coin/token (Binance, FTX, and Voyager) historically trading for $20-$600 while $CRO.X sells at less than $0.50.

Part of the reason I’m so bullish is because I personally use all these platforms and they’re my go to. Best platform, best wallet, best yields, easiest process, and are building their own layer 1 Cronos network to compete with other layer 1’s. With that kind of money, they have the the ability to buy the minds to solve the problems they will face. Puts them in a position many competitors struggle be in, trying to raise money or use open source development. Now that they literally own the advertising markets (other than Brady’s FTX commercials) I only feel better about my growing position. While I can’t even figure out the on chain staking of most complicated crypto assets & their wallets, Crypto dot com Dapps like VVS Finance & Tectonic, built on the Cronos network, have made it super easy to move VVS and Tectonic from my Crypto dot com DeFi wallet and stake at yields of 15%, 50%-65%, 110%-113%, and 256%. And while those yields sound crazy, it makes sense to me when I’m just getting a slice of the fees their trading volume generate🤷‍♂️it is not unreasonable to me to think that insane, 24/7 global trading volume, generate enough fees, that they can pay me handsomely for providing the tokens they need for liquidity.
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Wow, anyone know why each time I wrote CRO, it dropped a dozen links?
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@wall_street_deebo Not sure, but we'll let the engineers know so they can troubleshoot.
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I got cheated by honestly. They advertise to me the possibility to get the debit card, which was my only goal, so I stacked some $CRO.X and as soon as I did I got a notification that the card is not available in my country of residence.

I consider this fraudulent, cause they knew my country of residency before, but anyway they let me start the card application, force me to stack, and after whoops! sorry

Of course, I stacked $CRO.X already and I am forced to keep it there for 6 months. The good part the amount is not relevant to me, but I hate the feeling of being played by them.

I know I am the one to blame cause I must have done deep research to see if the card was available in my country, but anyway they hope for people to do such a mistake so that somebody stacks their coin... and with the USD I gave them they could easily keep going their pyramid scheme 😆
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@stock.owl it is f’d trying to get around the barriers. I’m in the U.S., k can use, but Binance screws me, and there’s 4-5 major exchanges I can’t use, wallets our government half blocks, some states allow exchanges and some don’t🤦‍♂️it’s a mess. At least you’re earnin 12% or so on that staked $CRO.X and you didn’t have one of those issues where your money disappeared into the ether.