New position $BTC.X
The time is to buy Bitcoin is finally here.
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I tell my dude at work this is why he needs to learn to do his own research and have his own conviction; for every bull, I can find a bear, and vice versa.
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That probably went well! (so far)

You usually hold for long periods of time— is that the idea here? Or is this potentially a shorter hold?

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@nathanworden same like other investments 5-10 years, the price was too good to pass on :) if you know what i mean

I am up like 14%, this is just the beginning of the ride
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@growthinvesting great timing— here’s to hoping the next 5-10 years are great :)
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I just shorted it myself.
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Every day bitcoin is above 0 it becomes more valuable. Few
Tell me about DOGE COIN? Please. New to this