Feel like $SOFI is about to rip if today's overall market rally has any legs. This stock probably has one of highest mixes of + and - sentiment and tailwinds/headwinds. Earnings next week. I bought a little over a hundred shares so I could sell CCs on it too, but I sold a call when the stock was trending down for like $8 premium and $8 strike, expiring next Friday. Now regretting that move. Might sell some other holdings to double down on a possible swing trade or to keep as a long position should my shares get called. I don't know. Just thinking through it here.
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I know mr @stockmarketnerd follows this business
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@investmenttalk yes, good info and analysis from him on this one. Been following.
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Looks like the rally was short lived. Next move up or down will be determined by earnings.
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Really tough to write covered calls on a volatile stock like $SOFI. Any reason you chose that strategy as opposed to writing puts?
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@tomato I only have limited options in my account, but also I'm just starting out with options, so just learning the ropes with a basic strategy to generate a little extra cash in this market. My issue was really patience. I should've waited for a decent premium at a strike price that I was good with selling at for an acceptable trade return. Hindsight 20/20.