$AMZN, $MSFT, and $GOOG continue to dominate cloud infrastructure.
AWS with 34% market share, more than twice Azure and Google Cloud, with the top 3 accounting for 66%+ of the market.

All part of me trying to learn the cyber security space, learning the cloud. Investing is hard and trying to expand one's circle of competence can be head banging sometimes, but I will keep banging away.

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Great post. Area Iā€™m trying to learn more about as well as I continue to learn all I can about Google
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@christian7621 Thanks šŸ™šŸ»
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I'm surprised that IBM cloud is doing better than Oracle. Also, is Salesforce a fair comparison to AWS, Azure, and GCP?
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$AMZN is the OG, rest all are copycats, i always back the innovator, hence I own $AMZN
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Wonder how they get this data. Would have thought by now that Azure is much closer to AWS already. Seems not.