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Quick Twilio earnings thoughts
Glad I was just watching and not holding for that earnings report. Just over 30% YoY rev growth excluding ZipWhip rev.

$TWLO management is notorious for underpromising and overdelivering on rev and net income, so I expected a bigger beat on net income as CEO Jeff Lawson has repeatedly talked about getting to profitability.

I like the big Twilio Flex customer win, since I think help desk is an underrated piece of the CRM stack, but that’s really the only positive I got from the call.

Looks like I’ve got some more time before jumping in. I’m continuing to look for the opportunity when they get closer to profitability.
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Glad I stumbled onto the simplicity of value investing first. So much easier to invest when one doesn’t have to predict the future of companies who aren’t yet profitable. It’s hard enough with profitable companies.

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@wall_street_deebo definitely. Analyzing how a company can/will defend their moat is decidedly simpler than evaluating how a disruptor can challenge others. Both are a lot of fun though!
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Left at slightly above breakeven this morning. Just added to my top positions. I agree— still seems like there’s plenty of time to get back in this company
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@theyield good to know someone else is keeping tabs on them. Right now I’m thinking mid-CY23 when I’ll reevaluate