Quick monthly update on portfolio…
Wanted to do a quick update on my portfolio:
For the month of April: -8% ish about the same as $SPY
YTD: -9.82% vs SPY’s -12.39%
From inception : +48.28% vs 39.28%
I wanted to do a bigger post on my substack today but life works in mysterious ways and so other things came up, I will hopefully have my regular monthly substack post up by next Monday.
If you haven’t yet subscribed or haven’t checked it out, take a look at www.from100kto1m.com
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I'm curious, is $VMD the stock you think has the highest return potential in your portfolio?
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@strat Not sure, can’t predict the future, I can say it’s one of the top that I like the most and feel like I know enough
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@from100kto1m do you have expected returns for any of your companies? Sizing positions is extremely important when even the best stock pickers are wrong almost half the time and imo a problem non-professionals often fall into is it weighting positions based on return potential, leading to heavy underperformance since the allocation decisions aren’t thought out thoroughly enough
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Obviously nobody can predict the future, but chronic under usage of probabilities seems to plague individual investors
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@strat yes I do have expected returns for $VMD and for all of my holdings . I always (almost always?) buy below what I believe to be 50% margin of safety
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@strat sizing to probability of success based on the price and giving higher probability to those which go lower I think is not bad way of looking… as long as fundamentals don’t change the lower it goes the less risky it becomes