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The power of delaying gratification
I wrote a short article on the concept of delayed gratification, so crucial for long term investing yet so difficult to master.

Hope you enjoy it!
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Love that you've explored the theme of the marshmallow experiment in context of investing Leandro. By the way this takeaway is only those investors who behave like owners are really positioned to participate in the wealth creation of great companies" is a golden nugget.
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@joeyhirendernath Thank you, glad you liked it!
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Fantastic work, these are the things more people should be talking about.
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@reasonableyield Thank you very much!
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It's great what you pointed out about how we love immediate feedback loops! While the market may make us wait, and wait, and wait. The nice thing is that by keeping tabs on our companies, we can get little bits of encouragement and indications on the state of our businesses that remind us our thesis is on track.



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