Weekend Random Question: How do you track your investments?
Just curious how everyone does it.
What's your primary way to track your investments?
27%Excel / Google Spreadsheet
11%Software / Online Service
55%Brokerage Website / App
5%Something Else (comment it!)
18 VotesPoll ended on: 05/09/22
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I currently use a Google Doc + Track Your Dividends.
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Mostly brokerage as they thankfully have great reporting
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@investmenttalk I clearly have too much free time and not enough hobbies because I go a bit overboard as I show in my comment lol
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My primary method is two spreadsheets. One tracks my investments, trades, total returns, benchmarks, all sorts of stuff. It's my trade journal as well. It's an enormous file full of formula's and conditional formats. I even added the logo of each company next to my investments for fun. I've had this spreadsheet going for at least 7 years and it has grown and evolved countless times in it's life.

I have a second spreadsheet I use to track detail financials and KPIs for non-core holding positions and watchlisted companies. Here's what part of UiPath looks like. I update these each quarter off the SEC filings. This spreadsheet is newer. I think I created it about a year ago and have built it out to a point where I think I'm satisfied.

I also use Quicken for budgeting so my brokerages are linked there but I don't use it to manage my investments as I found it a bit lacking on reporting capabilities. I recently downloaded Investment Account Manager which offers a 60-day demo period. I'm 3 weeks in and really loving it. I think it's just what I'm looking for for reporting capabilities as in it allows me to track monthly, quarterly, yearly, and ad hoc period returns with ease. I'll probably end up subscribing ($99/yr).
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PortfolioTrader app
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I’m very proud of my Google sheet
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@scorebdinvestor I hear you. I have a 5-month-old baby which people think is my first baby but my investment spreadsheet is actually my first-born child.

My wife doesn't appreciate that joke lol
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@interrobangbros 😂😂😂
I’m at about 2 years of spreadsheet cultivation
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@irish interesting how they allow payments in USD, EUR, GBP and… Thai Baht? Strange 4th currency. You’d think CAD or even one of the Krona/Kroners lol wouldn’t have guessed THB