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Bull on Pet Care
A few ppl ask me why I'm so bullish on Pet Care. It's one of the few categories that should outperform the market growth, and it's easy to be stored and transported, different from groceries.

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CC another pet care bull @paulcerro
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Can also be expensive when you think about the goods being delivered (i.e. canned food, dry food, fresh food, etc.)

But that's why companies like $WOOF are leveraging retail stores as fulfillment centers with an incentive to pick up in person or to pay a little extra with Door Dash service
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@paulcerro, agreed. I didn't know $WOOF, tks! In the US, my exposure to pet care is resumed to $TRUP. There are structural tailwinds for pet care in Western countries, such as US and Brazil.
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@girolino I know a lot of managers short that name - would proceed with caution
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@paulcerro Yeap! This is why it looks extraordinarily cheap, though.