Going Public This Week
Tuesday 5/25/21
Galliot Acquisition Corp. and Bilander Acquisition Corp. - Blank check companies targeting the tech sector. Both formed by True Wind Capital.

Wednesday 5/26/21
ZIPRECRUITER, INC. - Online employment marketplace. $3.3 billion target market cap. Direct listing.

Flywire - Leading global payments enablement and software company. $2.6 billion target market cap.

Paymentus Holdings, Inc. - Cloud-based bill payment technology solutions. $2.4 billion target market cap.

Thursday 5/27/21
FIGS - Designs, markets, and sells scrubs and other related clothing for healthcare professionals. $3.4 billion target market cap.

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Nathan Worden's avatar
Will this be a tough week for companies going public? My bet is that FIGS has the smoothest listing.
Zeeshan Mughal's avatar
I’m rooting for Ziprecruiter! 🙌
Nathan Worden's avatar
Looks like Figs has done the best so far this week!Post media