Pay attention to software stocks
In this world, tech is the primary driver of the stock market and the economy. Even if many companies are showing their hiring and are even doing layoffs, at the end of the day, those companies will have to continue spending money on the software that they've grown reliant on.

Slack, owned by $CRM, said they'd raise subscription prices starting in September. Other SaaS companies could still be doing price hikes on their services despite the economic slowdown. With less money being spent on SG&A, companies will have more money to spend on software.

Many e-commerce companies and other internet startups will continue to see growth as more and more of the things we do go digital. They're going to need more cloud storage and other cloud services.

Software companies themselves plan on using AI to reduce the amount of manpower needed to create new software programs and software updates.

To conclude, I think that software stocks are a great safe haven for investors. At the same time, I think that if the software industry struggles, then it's a major sign that we will truly enter a recession, or even a depression.
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Software has been a safe haven? Down 80% in many cases?