When I run out of good investment books to read
and Amazon recommends bad ones
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If you ever ran out of books take a look at this https://from100kto1m.substack.com/p/books-i-have-read
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@from100kto1m nice collection! Do you have a top 10 list?
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@conorvalue thank you, I don’t know if it’s top 10 but I definitely have the books that I enjoyed more and that influenced me and helped me more then others
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The Most Good You Can Do -Peter Singer

A different investing book versus the normal ones thrown around, breath of fresh air and when stumped on finding another finance book to devour. Effective altruism ftw!
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Hi Lester

I would check out the comments section of these two posts which I linked below for you. There a lot of great recommendations from the Commonstock community.

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It isn't really an investment book, but it really helped me understand things better, also for investing and in general in life. Highly recommend: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less
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Thank you all for the recommendations! Going to add them all 🤓