World's 3 largest online travel marketplaces
Interesting to note that effective take rates are similar across the 3 (though not surprising as bulk of Booking and Expedia is still accommodations revenue)

Trip dot com gets notable mention, $3B in revenue but gross bookings likely in the range of $60-$75B (Its take rate is much lower than other 3, in the range of 4-5%)

Booking’s acquisition by Priceline in 2005 is probably one of the best tech acquisition ever (right up there with the likes of YouTube, and Instagram).

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Do you think $ABNB ever passes the size of Booking?
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@ccm_brett In revenue and gross bookings terms, difficult. Booking is a horizontal player, expanding into more categories (e.g. flights).

However, Airbnb can end up running a better margin business as they have much stronger brand (so rely less on PPC etc.). But it would be interesting to see how they manage growth outside their core category (of home/vacation rental type properties)



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