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$PYPL Q2 headlines
  • Revenue and Non-GAAP EPS beat
  • Confirmed Elliot Management Corp. investment
  • Announced new CFO
  • New $15B buyback authorization
  • Cost savings program
  • Stock is up by >11% AH

Detailed analysis will follow in the next couple of days.
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Those cost savings were music to my ears. As well as Venmo and Braintree's growth
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@couch_investor venmo is killer man
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@christian7621 @couch_investor I noted that Venmo total payment volume was down quarter-over-quarter, though up year-over-year. I was happy to see guidance for double-digit TPV growth through FY2022 though.
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@tomato not sure about this. In the latest quarter Venmo TPV was $57.8B compared to $61.4B in the current quarter (an increase of 6%).
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@couch_investor indeed. Lots of positive developments in the current quarter.
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@couch_investor I am curious how $SQ CashApp will do vs these Venmo numbers. Looking at download charts of US fintech apps, CashApp on top of the lists.
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@stockopine Yes, you're right. I meant to say that sequentially, YoY growth rates in Venmo TPV were down. As you point out, in Q1-22 Venmo processed $57.8B in TPV (12% growth) and in Q2-22 Venmo processed $61.4B (6% growth).
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@tomato got you. At least Venmo revenue is up +50% and commerce volumes increased by +250%.
Dan also announced a complete refresh of the app to improve ease of use. Adding the Pay with Venmo on Amazon potential we should expect TPV growth to accelerate.
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Beautiful numbers. Let the numbers do the talking!
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Pretty solid quarter (only had a cursory glance so far), but feel good about nibbling a little earlier in the year.
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@investmenttalk same feeling over here. Will read it inside out later in the afternoon.
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@stockopine that’s my problem too. I only had a small chance to glance at it. I also had Starbucks and Airbnb report the other day so it was a busy night lol